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What do Girls Like to Hear? 15 Things She’s Dying for You to Say

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When it comes to attracting women, knowing what they want to say, they can be more than helpers. But what do girls like to hear? We have the answers.
It's just about telling a girl she wants to hear. You should be honest and genuine about it. It is being said that, knowing that what she has to say specifically, can help your prospects a lot. So what do girls like to hear?

It depends on the girl honestly. Before moving forward, you should know a little bit and try to tell him what he wants to hear. The thing is, there are many things that most women like to listen collectively and you can prepare things you know.

Due to being real you take a lot forward by saying something good

Although you can say these things that women like to hear, you can not waste it. The girls can tell. Even if you tell him exactly what he wants to hear, if it seems that it is compulsive, then it will actually hurt him instead of helping your prospects. [Read: 13 scenarios are an obligation on being honest with cruelty]

What do girls like to hear?

Once again, each girl is different. You really want to focus first to know him so that you can listen to everything, especially girls, and this is also real. Not all women feel equal about a specific compliment, but prefer to listen to these things as a whole.

# 1 She's smart When he understands a girl, you can almost never be wrong. You just have to choose when to make sure that it does not seem inhumane. It also specifically helps to indicate why and how smart it is. If you feel smart, you can imagine it will be more than happy.

# 2 You appreciate his drive and ambition. Obviously, for this compliment to actually work, he really has drive and ambition. If he does not, then he will wonder what you mean. But overall, an ambitious person likes to hear it.

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Often, no one, but they notice how hard they do. Many of the work done by the people is not very clear to the outsiders and if you draw its attention, it will be appreciated. [Read: How to make the right choice between love and career]

# 3 You love her attitude on life. It is a compliment to the origin of a person. This is what they are and how they see life. This is very meaningful and you want to make sure that you mean. By saying this, a woman can also show that when you understand those important things, how much you both fit.

# 4 That is your priority. When you are trying to show a girl, how much are you committed to her, tell her that she is your priority. I will never forget that time when my lover told me, "I want to give you priority in my life."

It was the most meaningful thing because it showed how much care he had taken for me and although our programs were really busy, he wanted to try. It's sweet and very powerful.

Just make sure it means.

# 5 She is unique. All the girls want to feel special. We want to look unique and opposite to any other girl whom you have ever met. So let us know and then why go in detail. This is the same with this. You just can not say this and think that it is enough. Make sure we know why and it means more than you. [Read: 15 ways of a woman court like a classy gentleman]

# 6 You care about her. It's really simple but many people find it hard to accept it. If you care about him, just say so. You do not have to take any information about this in detail but your actions will have to be withdrawn to believe you.

# 7 She is physically beautiful in more ways. Actually, you want to know that you think he is beautiful outside, but there is even more inside. Make more about your personality and less about the conduct and its physical appearance.

One of the major reasons for this is that we can not always help how we look. Genetics is responsible for this. However, we can control our actions and talk to those who can melt it.

# 8 He also lets you change without trying. This is something like a woman who wants to listen to the ego as a boost. Yes, women also have ego and we want to feel sexy and confident. Tell him and he will be more than happy. [Read: What changes girls are sexually and otherwise]

# 9 If she wants to talk, then you are there to listen. I know that this can be like a very friend-zone thing to say, but girls appreciate it very much. This means something special when a person will leave his time to listen to us. The more voices she raises, she will love and care about her. Just make sure to return it.

# 10 No matter what you will be there for him. She wants you a commitment. If you